The Age of Flight- short process video

posted by newgreenshade November 12, 2017 0 comments
The Age of Flight painting by Johnny Taylor

The Age of Flight #18, 2015, 42″x42″, acrylic & screen print on canvas.

Here is a short, 15 second video I made using various still, in-progress photos I took while creating this piece. I’ll usually take a few photos of each piece I’m working on so that I can plan what layers to apply next. A painting might have as many as 20 layers.

The video shows one of my go-to art tricks- using painter’s tape to mask out shapes and get crisp, straight lines. Sometimes I’ll tape over an area, apply layers on top of it, and pull away the tape many layers later to reveal an area I worked on weeks or sometimes even months earlier. 

There are some more videos on my Vimeo page:

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